Oliver Kirchkamp
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z-Tree - Practical Experimental Economics for Graduate Students

    • Introduction
    • Models, theories, the real world, and the laboratory.
    • Implementing experiments
    • Simple interactive experiments with z-Tree
    • Contracts
    • Graphs
Using z-Tree
z-Tree runs natively under Microsoft OSs. With other OSs (Mac OS X, Linux) you use wine. Under recent versions of wine there are some glitches with GNULinux Debian. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS seems to be very stable.
  • Daniel Friedman, Shyam Sunder, Experimental Methods: A Primer for Economists, Cambridge Univ Press, 1994
  • Documentation for z-Tree
  • J. H. Kagel and A. E. Roth, The Handbook of Experimental Economics, Princeton University Press, 1995.