Oliver Kirchkamp


Course overview
M.Sc. Economics (2 years master)
Specialisation Innovation and ChangeEconomics and StrategyWorld EconomyPublic Finance
MW 24.1 Empirical Methods compulsorycompulsorycompulsorycompulsory
MW 24.2 Quantitative Economics electivecompulsoryelectiveelective
MW 24.3 Quantitative Economics II electiveelectiveelective
MW 24.4 Seminar Quantitative Economicselectiveelectiveelective
MW 24.5 Quantitative Economics III electivecompulsoryelectivecompulsory
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Download MW242 Handout Download Using Graphs Handout Download AES Handout Download Mixed Effects Handout
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Planned courses
BW 24.1 Empirische+Experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung x x
BW 24.2 Quantitative Wirtschaftstheorie x x
BW 24.3 Seminar x x
MW 24.1 Empirical Methods x x
MW 24.2 Quantitative Economics x x
MW 24.3 Quantitative Economics II x x
MW 24.4 Seminar Quantitative Economicsxxxx
MW 24.5 Quantitative Economics III x x
Past teaching
Auction theory
Bargaining Theory
Information Economics
Experimental Economics
MW 26.1 Approaches to Economic Science
Information Economics
Mikrotheorie II
EC1002 Microeconomics
Statistik 2
EC5501: Thinking Strategically
EC4506: Experiments in Economics
EC4203: Contemporary Issues
Vertragstheorie (A. Nicklisch)
Working with experimental data - mixed effects models
Workflow of statistical data analysis
Behavioral Labor
Statistics for Experimental Economists
Experimental Contests
Verhaltensökonomie (A.Matthey/T.Regner)
Behavioural Economics (T. Regner)
Introduction to R
x planned, (x) this is a course for Ph.D. students and for advanced postgraduates, = planned, with some modifications