Double Degree Master Program in cooperation with the Universitá degli Studi di Trento

This page summarises some information which may be relavant for students who plan to enter the Double Degree Master Program with Trento. Further information can be found here:

Students of the FSU Jena participating in the 2-year master program in economics (M.Sc. Economics) have the opportunity to apply for the double degree master program in cooperation with the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Trento.

After graduation, students who meet the requirements of the program, will be awarded with a double degree. The University of Trento will award its title “Master of Science in Economics” and the FSU Jena will award its title “Master of Science in Economics” (M.Sc. Economics). The first academic year takes place at the home university and the second one at the partner university. The master thesis can either be written in Trento or in Jena.

Course program at the University of Trento

Participating students are enrolled in the master program “Laurea Magistrale/specialistica in Economics (MEC)”.

According to the bilateral agreement, students have to gain at least 30 ECTS during their studies abroad. Students can either write their master thesis in Trento or in Jena. The thesis shall be co-supervised by an academic tutor of both institutions and it can either be defended in Jena or in Trento.

Until recently, students would obtain in Trento a “Laurea Magistrale/specialistica in Economics, MEC”. This program is about to expire. Under this program, students follow this syllabus:

From 2020/21 conditions in Trento are supposed to change. Of course, the syllabus covers only one of the possible many ways through the study regulations. Students who plan to deviate from the syllabus have the responsibility to make sure that they still study in accordance with the regulations in Jena and in Trento. They are advised to make explicit learning agreements to ensure that the courses they are taking can be credited in Jena and in Trento.

Application procedure in Jena

Candidates from Jena who are interested in the double degree master program can apply by April 14 each year. Candidates should send before April 14 the following information as one single PDF file (smaller than 2MB) to the program coordinator (Oliver Kirchkamp).

Please note that all students, including those from Trento, are advised to complete the learning agreement form. Candidates from Jena should use the file upload service to send this file. Candidates from Jena will be selected on the basis of their academic performance and their motivation. Selected Candidates will be nominated to the partner university.

Application Procedure at the University of Trento

Candidates from Jena who were selected in the above procedure apply for the winter semester before May 31.

Candidates should upload the following application documents by the deadline mentioned above:

More information about the application process in Trento.

For further questions please contact:

Course recognition/list of equivalents:

Before students come to Jena:
Students from Trento should submit their Learning agreement with Jena by April 14 before they come to Jena. They can have (both) their DD learning agreements signed when they are in Jena. They should make sure that their DD learning agreements match all requirements of both degrees. Students are advised to consult the course syllabus before they submit their learning agreement.
After students have finshed their studies:

Conversion of grades:

Italia ECTS grade Definition FSU grades
30 - 30L / cum laude A excellent 1,0
27-29 B very good 1,3 - 1,0
24-26 C good 2,3 - 1,7
20-23 D satisfactory 3,3 - 2,7
18-19 E sufficient 4,0 - 3,7
<18 F/FX fail 5,0

Contact person in Trento:

Marchegiani Valentina
Tel: +39 0461 283231

Additional information:

Students have to pay their fees at the respective Home University. Incoming students to FSU Jena have to pay the regular semester contribution (semester ticket) and fee for the Thoska card. Students must take out a German public student health insurance but may be exempt if they provide proof of a valid EU health insurance or — being over 30 years of age — a private German health insurance for students.

In order to obtain the visa for Italy, all Non-EU selected students are encouraged to follow the procedure for non-EU citizens living abroad.

After obtaining the visa, prospective students should plan to come to Trento by mid September 2015 to attend some essential orientation and welcome activities prior to their official enrollment at the Università degli Studi di Trento.

Public Transportation:
You can use single bus tickets or apply for a monthly/yearly bus pass. You can buy the tickets in any newspaper’s agency.
Incoming Students to Trento University can use the online portal
Average costs of living comprise 600-700€ per month (expenditures on food, accommodation, transport, leisure time activities, mobile phone expenditures).
Language courses:
The Language Center of the University of Trento organizes Italian courses free of charge for international students. Students can also learn other foreign languages.
Sport activities:
A wide range of sport activities is available at the University of Trento.
You can find a lot of cultural and social events in Trento and welcome activities at the University of Trento.

General information:

The University of Trento ranks highly out of Italy’s top 30 colleges. Trento has a great cultural heritage. The city contains a picturesque Medieval and Renaissance historic center. Nowadays, Trento is a cosmopolitan city with highly developed and organized modern social services.