Oliver Kirchkamp
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Oliver Kirchkamp studied economics at Bonn University. He finished his studies in 1990 with a thesis on optimal taxation. Within the European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics at Bonn and the EHESS and DELTA (now PSE) in Paris he did a Ph.D. on “Evolution and Learning in Spatial Models”. In 1996 he went as a Jean Monnet Fellow to the IUE in Florence where he became involved in experimental and behavioural economics. In 1997 he became head of the experimental laboratory at the SFB 504 in Mannheim where he obtained his habilitation in economics in 2001. At the University of Mannheim he substituted from 2002-2004 a chair for Microeconomic Theory and from 2004-2005 a chair for Macroeconomics and Economic Policy. Between 2005 and 2006 he held a chair for Microeconomics at University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Since 2006 Oliver Kirchkamp holds a chair for Empirical and Experimental Economics at University of Jena. He is fellow of the CESifo Research Network and associate editor of the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. Oliver Kirchkamp is interested in empirical methods, experiments, markets, and auctions.

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