Oliver Kirchkamp
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Can you write me a letter of recommendation?

Of course, I can write you a letter of recommendation for your study abroad, for your scholarship, etc.. You should keep in mind that your grade has only a small influence on what I am writing in such a letter. You should also keep in mind that a recommendation can be positive as well as negative. Please understand that I often know the recipients of these letters and that these recipients expect a frank assessment of strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Please understand also that a major purpose of such a letter is not to duplicate your grades but rather to convey information beyond your grades. It might also be interesting for the recipient to find answers to questions like the following: Is the applicant an organised and disciplined person who can work independently, reliably and in a structured way?

I will then read your material and we arrange an appointment for a brief discussion of your project and your reasons to apply for this project. Please also keep in mind that the letter will always be sent by me directly to its destination. Hence, you have to ensure that I know in time the e-mail address and the surface mail address of the recipient.