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Graphs and visualising data

Lecture: t.b.a.
Graphs and Illustrations can contribute a lot to the success of a scientific paper. In this course we will discuss different ways to use graphs in our research.
Here is a preliminary version of the handout
You can download the exam on Saturday, 11. August 2018, 9:30. Please solve all questions independently and return your answers as a single PDF file until 10:15.
Example data
gra-ex1.csv gra-ex2.csv
  • Introduction
  • Properties of good graphs
  • Presenting nominal data
  • Presenting continuous data
  • Using R
  • Lattice
  • William S. Cleveland, “The Elements of Graphing Data”, AT&T Bell Laboratories, New Jersey, 1994.
  • Deepayan Sarkar, “Lattice — Multivariate Data Visualization with R”. Springer, New-York, 2008.
  • Edward Tufte, “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”. Bertrams. 2001.
During the second half of part 1 it will help if you can bring your own portable computer to the classes. You should have an up-to-date version of R installed. We will also need the following libraries: aplpack, car, Ecdat, Hmisc, ks, lattice, latticeExtra, MASS, mgcv, plotrix, pwt, reshape, vcd.