Jena - Trento (2018)

This page describes a proposal for the syllabus for students who participate in the Double Degree Master Program in cooperation with the Universitá degli Studi di Trento and who spend their first year in Jena and their second year in Trento.

From 2020/21 students follow the Syllabus for the “Laurea Magistrale in Behavioural and Applied Economics - Economia Comportamentale e Applicata”.

It assumes that students in Trento are enrolled in the “Laurea Magistrale/specialistica in Economics (MEC)”. This degree will expire soon. It may no longer be available in 2020/21. Students who have started the Double Degree before 2016 can follow the old syllabus.

This syllabus recommends one possible path through the study regulations of Jena and Trento. It is possible to deviate from this path. However, Students who plan to deviate from the syllabus do this on their own responsibility. They have to make sure that they are still studying in accordance with the regulations in Jena and in Trento. They are advised to make explicit learning agreements to ensure that the courses they are taking can be credited in Jena and in Trento.

All students must to apply for their seminars in Jena through the central seminar registration. To register, students must use either their or their Email address. Please do not miss the deadline — the application procedure starts several months before the first seminar!

Students can choose one out of two Specialisation areas:

1st year in Jena (60-66 ECTS)

Compulsory (42 ECTS):

Alternative 1: Seminar (6 ECTS):

Specialisation (18 ECTS)

Students take one of the following two specialisations:
Innovation and Change
  • MW20.4-Industrial Dynamics and Evolution (6 ECTS) (equivalent to Industrial Organization (8) in Trento).
  • MW22.3-Innovation Systems (6 ECTS) (counts as Area Economics (6) in Trento).
  • MW21.4-Growth and Innovation (6 ECTS) (counts as Area Economics in Trento).
Economics and Strategy
  • MW24.2-Quantitative Economics I (6 ECTS) (counts as Area Economics (6) in Trento).
  • Two specialisation elective courses (6 ECTS + 6 ECTS) (counts as Area Economics (6+6) in Trento).
Students who in Jena do not get access to the courses they need for the DD should immediately consult the School of EconomicsProgram Coordinator for the Master in Economics.

2nd year in Trento (60-64 ECTS)

Students who spend their second year in Trento obtain 64 ECTS as follows:

Compulsory (24 ECTS)

Alternative 2: Seminar (4 ECTS)

If no Seminar was taken in the first year, the following is compulsory:

Area Business (8 ECTS)

Students take one of the following two courses:

Area Economics (16 ECTS)

Students take two out of the following four courses:

Free choice (12 ECTS)

Students take two out of the following courses. Students with the specialisation area “Economics and Strategy” who have not taken “Behavioural Economics” above have to take “Experimental Economics” here.