Double degree Jena-Trento

According to the following list, students obtain an M.Sc. in Economics with a special qualification in Economics and Strategy in Jena.

In Trento, students are enrolled in the “Laurea Magistrale in Behavioural and Applied Economics - Economia Comportamentale e Applicata”. This program is supposed to start in 2020/21 in Trento.

1st year

Courses with 8 ECTS in Trento are credited as follows: One part (6 ECTS) is counted as equivalent to a 6 ECTS course in Jena. The other (2 ECTS) is counted as equivalent to 1/3 of a seminar in Jena. Three such courses from Trento (with 8 ECTS each) are equivalent to three courses in Jena (6 ECTS each) plus 1 seminar.

Trento ECTS Jena ECTS
Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy 6 MW21.1 Advanced Macroeconomics (BE) 6
Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy - 2 2 1/3 Seminar 2
Microeconomics and Game Theory 6 MW20.1 Advanced Microeconomics (BE) 6
Microeconomics and Game Theory - 2 2 1/3 Seminar 2
Statistics 8 MW26.5 General Key Qualifications (BMC)
(In Jena a course with statistical content, e.g. Introduction into R, must be taken)
Law, Economics and digital policy 6 MW26.1 Approaches to Economic Science (BMC) 6
Econometrics 6 MW24.1 Empirical Methods (BMC) 6
Econometrics - 2 2 1/3 Seminar 2
Business Strategy in the Digital Economy 6 MW20.3 Economics of Innovation I 6
Psychology of decision making 6 MW 17.1 Decision making (BE) 6
Performance analysis and Business Analytics 6 MW23.6 Advanced Public Finance (BE) 6
56 54

2nd year

Students write a Master Thesis and take the following courses

2nd year, compulsory

There are a number of courses from Trento with 8 ECTS where Jena has only 6 ECTS. The missing 2 ECTS are each equivalent to 1/3 of a seminar in Jena.

Master Thesis14Master Thesis24
Public Policies A - Nudging6MW25.1 Public Choice (BE)6
Public Policies A - Nudging21/3 Seminar2
Public Policies B - Evaluation methods6MW23.3 or MW23.5 Advanced Public Economics II or III (SE)6
Public Policies B - Evaluation methods21/3 Seminar2
Behavioural Economics - Experimental methods8MW24.2 Quantitative Economics I (SC)6
Behavioural Economics - Theory6MW24.5 Quantitative Economics III (SC)6
Attività formativa a scelta (Behavioural Finance/Data mining)6MW24.3 Quantitative Economics II (SE)6

2nd year, electives (Esami liberi consigliati)

Students take two out of the following (and one of these two counts as 1/3 of a seminar, too):

Trento ECTS Jena ECTS
Computer simulation for social sciences 6 MW21.9 Computational Macroeconomics 6
… this or any other course 2 1/3 Seminar 2
Financial Markets and Economic Activity 8 MW21.2 Money and Financial Markets 6
International trade and competitiveness 8 MW21.5 International trade 6
16 14


Trento Jena
1st year 56 54
Master Thesis 14 24
2nd year, compulsory 34 34
2nd year, elective 16 14
120 126