Oliver Kirchkamp

Quantitative Economics II

  1. Introduction, von Neumann-Morgenstern Utility, Nash's axioms.
  2. Nash's theorem, applications.
  3. Risk aversion, applications (bribery, asset ownership).
  4. Discussion of Nash's axioms.
  5. Applications (moral hazard in teams).
  6. The strategic approach: Rubinstein's model.
  7. Strategies in bargaining in the alternating offers model. Nash equilibrium.
  8. Subgame perfect equilibrium.
  9. Constant discount rates, fixed bargaining cost, finitely divisible pies.
  10. Outside options
  11. More than two players, comparison Rubinstein/Nash
  12. Incomplete information.
  13. Markets and decentralised trade.
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MW24.3 - Quantitative Economics II

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