Oliver Kirchkamp

Online - Exam MW24.1

The exam for MW24.1 is an online exam. Please use the information on this page to prepare yourself and to prepare your technology:
Content of the exam:
The content of the exam is the content of the module MW24.1.
Format of the exam:
The format of the questions will follow the style of the homeworks of the module.
  • Similar to the homework, exam questions will be presented through Moodle. A few days before the exam you receive a link and access code to the exam room on the moodle page of the course. You answer the exam questions as an open-book exam within 60 minutes. During this time you can use your own notes, you can also use books, you can (and should) use the software R, JAGS, and the libraries and you can access static content on the internet. During this time you will not interact with other people.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your time and to submit your answers in time.
Technical conditions to be provided by the candidate:
  • During the exam you will use a quiet room where you can work without being disturbed. If you feel comfortable writing at home, you can write at home. If you prefer to write at the FSU Jena and if you need a room, please let us know.
  • You will have the software needed for the homework installed on your computer. The exam will be provided in Moodle.
  • You will have a reliable connection to the internet. Of course, you can take the exam at the FSU (let us know if you need a room). Should there be technical problems at the FSU, it might be easier for you to document these problems. If you take the exam at home, it is in your interest to provide a backup connection to the internet.
  • Reliability of the environment: For an on-site exam it is the candidate's responsibility to show up in time. If a train is delayed, it is the candidate's responsibility to have an alternative means of transportation. In a similar way it is the responsibility of the candidate to provide the technical conditions for an online exam. You should prepare everything that is forseeable and that is reasonable. You make sure that you can take your exam without disturbance. If, nevertheless, something fails, then you should document your preparations and the reason for the disturbance.