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Prof. Dr. Oliver Kirchkamp
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Sekretariat: Monika Adler, office[at]kirchkamp.de
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Raum 526
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Planned courses
BW 24.1 Empirische+Experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung x x
BW 24.2 Quantitative Wirtschaftstheorie x x
BW 24.3 Seminar x x
MW 24.1 Empirical Methods x x
MW 24.2 Quantitative Economics x x
MW 24.3 Quantitative Economics II x
MW 24.4 Seminar Quantitative Economicsx x
MW 24.5 Quantitative Economics III x x
MW 26.1 Approaches to Economic Sciencex x
Graduate teaching
Auction Theory
Bargaining Theory
Information Economicsx
Econometrics I x x
Econometrics IIa x
Econometrics IIb x
Econometrics III x
Practical Experimental Economics
Past teaching
Mikrotheorie II
EC1002 Microeconomics
Statistik 2
EC5501: Thinking Strategically
EC4506: Experiments in Economics
EC4203: Contemporary Issues
Vertragstheorie (A. Nicklisch)
Working with experimental data - mixed effects models
Workflow of statistical data analysis
Behavioral Labor
Statistics for Experimental Economists
Experimental Contests
Verhaltensökonomie (A.Matthey/T.Regner)
Behavioural Economics (T. Regner)
Introduction to R
x planned, (x) this is a course for Ph.D. students and for advanced postgraduates, = planned, with some modifications