Teaching and Research with SARS-CoV-2

Please allow me some remarks regarding teaching and research during a pandemic. I do thank everybody who cooperates and who supports the efforts of the academic community to teach and to do research in a safe way. I do realise that adjusting routines is inconvenient. New formats are “not the same” as old formats. New formats are often surprisingly better. I also thank all my colleagues who, with their creativity and with their inspiration, help us to deal with the pandemic.

Digital hospitality among researchers is essential. I am most grateful to the MPI for collective goods for their hospitality and for their inspiring digital activities during the pandemic. I also enjoy the following seminar series in my field:

Here are some contributions from researchers in my field which relate to the pandemic and which I find interesting: Here are some links regarding the spread of the infection. This is not strictly economics, but since economic arguments on how to deal with the pandemic are often based on forecasts, a good model of the spread of the infection is key: