Procedures for running experiments in Jena:


Rules for experiments

Experiments in Jena should obey the following set of rules: Researchers should also respect the priorities of the research assistants in the lab.

Please also read the user documentation before running your experiment.

Brown Bag

All experimenters present their experiment in a brown bag seminar (usually on Wednesday afternoons). All people who plan to use the lab attend these seminars on a regular basis. The purpose of the brown bag seminar is to find out whether the experiment can proceed as presented or whether changes are necessary. Since the devil is often in the detail the presentation is expected to be very clear. Normally people send the instructions to the experiment around before the seminar.

The brown bag should also allow us to somehow assess IRB clearance. I am working on this.


Recruiting is done via ORSEE.

Read the documentation for ORSEE. Please do your first steps in the Jena ORSEE with somebody who has already some experience. We have to treat our subject pool with care. When you send around invitations, start small. For one session, send invitations to 100 people and see what happens. If too few register, send another 100 invitations. Do not invite too many people. They will be frustrated if they can not register anyway. Next time they will not even try.

When you plan your own experiments, you should book lab time over ORSEE. Also for testing, maintenance, etc., you have to book lab time. Leave enough time before and after your experiment to organise things and to clean up.

If you use ORSEE participants (and most likely you will) you will find that some of them have already signed the rules. Those who have not, have to do this before they start with the experiment. You have to update the status for these participants in ORSEE so that we know that now they have signed.

Some participants have already passed a language test. Those who have not can pass the test at the beginning of the experiment (takes only 2 minutes). You have to update the status for these participants in ORSEE so that we know that they understand German.

Subscribe to the wiwilab List to manage cancellations for your experiment!

If you restrict your participants to those who speak German, you should mention this fact in your invitation to the experiment.

Here is a possible text for the invitation:

Hallo #fname# #lname#!

Hiermit möchten wir Sie zu einem neuen Experiment einladen. 

Es stehen die folgenden Termine zur Auswahl:

- Um teilnehmen zu können und um die Spielregeln des
Experiments zu verstehen, sollten Sie Deutsch so gut
sprechen wie Ihre Muttersprache.
- Das Experiment findet im Labor der Wiwi Fakultät in
der Carl-Zeiss-Str. 2/3, Raum E53 statt.

Wenn Sie teilnehmen möchten, können Sie sich unter dem
folgenden Link anmelden:


If you want an own account, please have a look a the requirements


Experimenters from the IMPRS Uncertainty get their money from the bank in cash (you may ask for an advance payment from the IMPRS Uncertainty if you are cash constrained). Experimenters print receipts at the end of the experiment, participants sign the receipts, and then experimenters get reimbursed.