Here is the php-source. Notice that we define two functions. One function that draws a scale of radiobuttons, another one that ships values of variables.

    // the following file collects all the data
    // make sure that your httpd may write to this file

    // the function scale implements a scale of radio-buttons
    function scale ($varname,$comment) {
        echo "<TABLE><TR><TD WIDTH=250>$comment</TD><TD>";
        echo "   (is not the case) ";
        for ($i=1;$i<7;++$i) {
            echo $i;
            echo "<INPUT TYPE=RADIO VALUE=$i NAME=$varname>&nbsp;&nbsp;";
        echo "(is the case)</TD></TR></TABLE>";

    function ship ($varname) {
        global $outfile;
        global $$varname;
        fwrite ($outfile,$varname);
        fwrite ($outfile,"=\"");
        fwrite ($outfile,${$varname});      
        fwrite ($outfile,"\", ");

    // we first check whether the form was invoked for the first time:
    if ($Ready == "") {
        echo "Please fill in your age here:  <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=AGE><BR>";
        scale ("RATEA","How do you rate A?");
        scale ("RATEB","How do you rate B?");
        echo "<P><INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT NAME=Ready VALUE=\"This is a useless button\">";
    } else {
        $outfile = fopen($outfilename,"a");
        ship ("AGE");
        ship ("RATEA");
        ship ("RATEB");
        fwrite ($outfile,"\n");
        echo "Thank you very much!";


Oliver Kirchkamp 2013-04-15