Josef Kirchkamp - Engineering Consultant

Qualitymanagement and Qualityassurance

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  • more than 40 years of profession in the upper management
  • excellent knowledge of the English language
  • worldwide experience in the fields of power piping, chemical and petrochemical industries and on- and offshore facilities for the oil and gas production
  • company management and organization
  • design and calculation of pressure retaining components
  • relations with authorities, acceptance-, classification-, test- and certificationorganizations
  • professional understanding of metal forming processes (cold forming, hot forming) and welding processes
  • heattreatment of ferrous and nonferrous materials
  • qualityassurance, qualitycontrol and documentation
  • destructive and nondestructive test procedures
  • failure- and liabitityanalysis
  • excellent knowledge of the technical standards i.e.: DIN, EN, ISO, BS, ASTM, ASME BPV code, NORSOK, KTA, Stoomwezen, AD, TRD, TRR,TRbF etc.